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Trilogy: Getting Under Your Skin

Volume 1 : Behind the scenes of a Dominatrix

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 Diane Killer is one of the leading figures in French BDSM. She is involved in a wide range of activities: professional dominatrix, stage performer, needleplay artist, trainer, fashion designer, radio chronicler and lecturer. For a very long time, she has needed to write to let all her emotions shine through. Getting Under My Skin is her first novel in a trilogy to follow.

Shattering testimony of a dominatrix, but above all a woman, who lays herself bare, exposing her most intimate memories and emotions. Throughout the novel, Diane tells us the heartbreaking story of a woman in love and cruelly betrayed, and the long road that led her to become an internationally recognized specialist in the practice of needleplay. Through a series of juicy anecdotes, she shares with us her encounters with the people who made the greatest impression on her along the way, as well as her disillusionment with the often detestable, even brutal, attitudes towards women in her position. Above all, this book is a testimony full of humanity that will leave few readers indifferent.

Volume 2: These Men in Red and Black

Writing in progress, Franch Version sheduled for winter 2024

Extract: "Here is the great show of humanity, the great mess of the singular and the extent of diversity. Here are a hundred portraits of men “in red and black”. All the men I've encountered, often, regularly, or occasionally. Fascinating men, touching men, striking men, fragile, gentle, handsome, small, fat, skinny, healthy, or damaged. Men from all worlds, from every sphere, secret men who play by the rules. Men that I've loved, that I've dissected, that I've practiced in body and feeling. Men I honor, applaud, and congratulate. Men you know but from a different angle. Men you see everywhere and never suspect, never imagine in a submissive posture. Yet here they reveal themselves, here they gather, here they find themselves and often confess.
Colorful, funny, surprising, and confusing portraits. François, Pierre, Robert, Julien. All under their aliases, their second selves, their visceral identities, searching for their limits, their “letting go”, their divine maieutic. The human being twists himself, looks elsewhere, discovers himself, strips naked. Literally, completely, physically. The other here remains anonymous, only his testimony, his profile, his intimate extremity is exposed. Here I learn about others, I watch him evolve, I let him express himself, I’m sending him back his urgency, his need, his tenderness.
They are the essence of my profession and each of them has taught me this over many years. It's a mutual apprenticeship, a mirror effect of the living, the palpable, the ultimate search for the first meaning. The infinite love I saw in their need for recognition and the importance of existing in these moments out of time, in these places called dungeons, only echoed my own personal research. This wild dance where the other person reveals himself in whispers, where he reveals himself by mirage and holds out his confidence to us like a thorny rose. It's up to me not to prick myself, to hurt myself on contact, to learn to touch only the petals. The man who explores his contradictory romance by raping, cutting, and torturing himself, hands me the flower of beauty and pain. I compose this suspended, revealing moment with him and for him. In search of meaning and existence.