5 Show Performances


They tell a story in a rather advanced aesthetic approach, integrating BDSM practices such as shibari, impact, medical-play and a whole rainbow of what BDSM can offer visually.

Four types of show have been developed: the porn show, the horror show, the satirical show and the visual show. Always sexy, frightening or attractive, the characters with their costumes and accessories are worked out with real attention to detail.

To surprise the audience and take them into our world is a challenge we set ourselves with each new creation. Mixing humor, burlesque, horror and glamour, we like to juggle different universes to bring diversity to the stage.

Show Fetish

As Part of our business, we also offers some fetish performances, shoots as models or extra, burlesque cabaret with a dash of BDSM. Here are a few image to give you a better idea of our world.