6 WorkShop Needle Play – Copy


Needle play performances are presented as paintings in which the designs are created by hundreds of needles, sometimes accessorized with ribbon, jewels, flowers, feathers or fireworks. Always filmed and displayed on a giant screen, this performance is regularly the illustration of a DJ Set.

« My Needle play is intended to be “monumental’ in terms of the number of needles that I use on my models. Typically, the creations vary between 300/500/800/1'000 needles. I have several very durable models and usually travel with them for performances. I love doing records one after the other, the last in date was 2'010, 4'000 and 5'000 Needles» DK

Les Workshops peuvent être proposés en groupe ou en stage personnel et se décomposent sous différentes activités selon l'envie, la demande et/ou le niveau

Points covered : hygienic condition ( Qualified trainer), tools and materials, different approach of needle play and needle art, personalized accompanying, formation file of ten pages submitted after the practice, list of needed product to your future realisation. You can choose to learn face needle, genital needle, monumental needle ( by thousand or hundred), fancy needle, ribbon, jewellery, signing needle, needle for play piercing, ...


Formation file's extract below